K31-APS Acrylic Co-Polymer Soil Stabilizer

US Military Grade Soil Stabilizer For Roads

Best Soil Stabilizer For High Quality Strong Road Construction

Military grade polymer soil stabilization for road construction used by the US Marines and US Army for the past 25 years.

With K31 soil stabilization products and dust control products there is no need for asphalt or concrete roads.

K31 Road Engineering is a supplier of K31-APS in Asia and Africa.

K31-APS soil stabilizer compacted soil strength of 500 PSI up to 1000 PSI depending on the type of soil.
Plus California Bearing Ratio results always above 80 CBR. K31-APS is 100% manufactured and made in USA.

Watch the full video presentation for K31-APS Acrylic Co Polymer soil stabilizer for road construction:

K31-APS soil stabilizer consists of environmentally safe chemicals which work on principles of nano technology and makes the best soil hardening products.

The acrylic co-polymer creates nano composites within the soil fabrics and modifies the soils micro-structures.

This increases the interconnection between the soil particles producing a homogeneous and isotropic material.

Increasing load bearing strength of all soils. Soils treated with K31-APS will present strength numbers similar to concrete but with increased tensile strength that is not present in concrete.

With so many soil stabilization companies, dust control chemicals and road stabilizer for sale in the market today, you can rest assured that K31 Road Construction Technology provides the most efficient alternative to standard macadam or piling or large boulders.

All through the use of technologically advanced macro-molecules which create stable road surfaces from existing soils.

The following video is of a waterproof test of K31-APS acrylic co-polymer soil stabilizer for building roads.

This is an extreme waterproof simulation for testing purposes only.

We encourage K31-APS to be tested against any other form of soil stabilization and let the results proof the K31-APS superior strength and durability.

Benefits of using K31-APS:
    • Reduced fines migration from base, sub-base and wear course
    • Decreased rolling resistance and increased ride performance
    • Less rutting, spilling, raveling and surface degradation
    • Dust suppression and particulate emission control
    • Reduced infiltration, improved run-off and erosion control
    • Increased flexibility and tensile strength
    • No dust on the road
    • In-situ materials use only, no need of transport
    • Cheaper and faster to build than traditional systems
    • Non Hazardous – Non Corrosive
    • Reduce soil loss
    • Dries clear – Dyes can be added for color
    • Eliminates the need to re-grade
    • Increases CBR strengths to pavement asphalt and concrete levels
    • Readily available to ship worldwide
    • Reduces water penetration
    • Stays hard even when wet
    • Performs even under freeze/thaw conditions
    • Eliminates the need to import soils or base of any kind
    • Dries odorless
    • Makes roads safer

K31-APS can be applied without color or with color for a more asphalt “look a like” road. It is up to your personal preference, it does not affect performance in any way. See photo galleries below.

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