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K31 Crack Seal & Micro-Slurry Resurfacing

November 3, 2017

An economical way to resurface your asphalt pavement!

If your asphalt lot or road has cracks or alligatored areas, you need help. Seal the cracks with a K31 Crack Seal and then resurface the entire lot with economical Micro-Slurry Surface.

Micro-Slurry is a cold mixed process that adds a new high asphalt content surface that withstands the sun and water damage.

Applied at 15 pounds of aggregate per square yard, it is ¼” thick and gives you a new, skid resistant uniform surface that hides all patches and crack sealing.

The K31 team mixes and applies the material on the pavement. The material does minor rut filling and fills and seals small holes. You can resurface with Micro-Slurry for a fraction of the cost of a hot mix overlay.

The skid resistant surface makes driving and walking safer. Slurry fills open cracks while hot mix overlays bridge cracks. K31 Crack Sealing is a recommended pre-treatment before resurfacing.

Micro-Slurry seals the surface and prevents moisture from penetrating the base, the ultimate cause of major repairs.

We will be happy to examine your pavement and recommend what repairs or resurfacing may be needed. There are many roads, parking lots, and surfaces to which we can point you for examples of our work.

For all inquiries fill in the the form provided on the contact page. Once we receive your inquiry, one of our directors will be in touch within 24 hours.

Visit and “Like” our FB page for all updates at facebook.com/k31roads.

Thank you for your visit today and for your interest in our company.

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