Ecological Earth Retaining Walls

Nature Friendly Strong and Long Lasting Ecological Retaining Walls

The benefits of plants go far beyond just aesthetics. The ability to use plants as tools to ameliorate the environment has been a concept employed for centuries.

Here at K31 we don’t just create living walls – we create living ecosystems retaining walls using soil netting technology.

With careful design and planning, we can create efficient and effective living architecture that offers both service and amenity.

Solutions to prevent landslides and erosion by using environmentally and nature friendly ecological earth retaining walls.

Option 1:

In the case of mining scrap is thrown over a hill, we use the geocell earth retaining wall.

This option can only be used when we encounter soft slopes where workers can climb up and down.

Using local soil we cover the exposed scrap or gravel, then install the geocell with the hook and stick kits.

Finally a layer of fertile soil is applied on the surface.

The top soil is pre-mixed with our engineered grass seeds. A self draining system is also built to prevent sitting water.

The use of cranes, forklifts and other equipment may be necessary depending on the height, location and steepness of the slope.

We use bermuda grass which is quite strong and will grow in direct sunlight as well as with very little sunlight.

Option 2:

When the slope is steep and the wall is load bearing needing to support weight on top, we use our high strength textile wall. (See image below).

Since ecological walls are load bearing walls, the process is quite different from the geocell wall.

We start by bringing in local soil (only the exposed side needs to be fertile soil).

The soil will be layered, wrapped with our high strength textile nets and sandwiched in sections of 20-25 cm each by using a 300kg vibrating compactor.

This gives the wall strength as it is built upwards.

The use of cranes, forklifts and other equipment may be necessary depending on the height, location and steepness of the slope.

After completing the entire structure, we then spray the wall with our engineered seeds on the exposed surface to obtain the same grassy finish which goes so well with the surrounding nature.

Ecological earth retaining walls not only prevent landslides or erosion, but they also look beautiful in contrast with nature and the environment.

Our ecological earth retaining walls are NOT the same as the commonly known “geo-textile” system that is used in Myanmar and Asia. Click here to learn more!

We are basically creating a new eco-system where after a few months even trees will start to grow on the hill or mountain side!

Benefits of Earth Retaining Walls:

  • Cheaper than bricks or concrete
  • Last for many years with little maintenance
  • Will not tarnish or get mold
  • Looks beautiful like nature
  • In harmony with the environment
  • Faster to build
  • No chemicals or odors
  • No need for complicated tools or machines
  • No dust like regular retaining wall construction

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